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First IT project next weekend. Any advice?

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So I got called by a recruiter a few days ago saying they need people for a project involving doimg some system imaging and refreshing the first day, then deskside support the second day. I'm really excited about it and he said it should be easy for me since I have my A+. This is my first real "job" in IT and I want to do a good job and hopefully get a good reference out of it and a call back for more work in the future. So basically what I'm looking for is any advise you might have? Like common beginer mistakes to avoid at the helpdesk and how to generally leave a favorable impression? Thanks!
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congratulations dude! :) Hope you do well! I've been job searching also. Applied to a 2-4 month contract position for IT intern that I hope to get. Good luck :)
Are they expecting that you already know how to do the imaging? Do you know what product they're using, what operating systems you'll be supporting?
what he asked ^

Plus do not expect too much and do not try and come across as if you know it all, also if you get asked or the opportunity arises to do extra work then do it even if its not paid, it will look great on your resume/c.v
Well I scanned and e-mailed him about 9 pages of documents I had to fill out Thursday night and asked him if I needed to bring any tools of my own or if they supplied everything. So far I haven't heard back, don't know if that should worry me or not :/? Anyways when/if I do hear back from him Ill ask him what operating system we're backing up and what software we'll be using to do it. He said "you pretty much just put in the cd and follow what it tells you to do" when we talked initially, so I'm wondering if they are using something like Norton Ghost? Anyways he asked me how much I wanted per hour and I said $13 which he agreed to right away. Almost makes me think I should have asked for more. LOL
Congrats! My only advice is that if you don't know how to do something, ask!
what he said ^

pretending you know what your doing or trying to copy other people makes it look bad for you and no you shouldn't have asked for more.
Thanks for the advise, I will definitely do as you say and not pretend to know more than I do. I figured $13 would be good. If I do well and they like my work they'll probably be more likely to call me back if they know I don't charge very much. Honestly though I'd do this for free just for a reference and the experience.
i have done my 3 month internship at a High School and imaging itself was a little complicated at first but if its an image that your putting into the system its pretty easy. Contractors usually get alittle more than that but you cant complain for 13$/hour these days, anything is better than nothing. like you said i would even do this myself for free just to put it into my resume.. i aggree with everyone else, if you dont know ASK
Well turned out we didn't even have to do any imaging. We each had our own bank branch that we pretty much just stayed at for 5 hours Saturday and 4 hours Monday and fixed anything if it wasn't working. I "fixed" (rebooted) a panini and a verifone device, and helped some people login to their computers (they had the wrong domain lol). It was pretty easy...and the lead tech was a really nice guy and I got a reference from him :D. I'm going to be applying for more contract positions with the company soon. Hopefully having his reference will help :).
cool, any experience is good experience and a reference is great.
Tim, I am so glad your doing great! Hopefully we will both be out of retail one day :)
Hehe yeah that's what I'm hoping man. Retail is a good starter job but not something I want to do forever lol. Just gotta keep working on improving your knowledge and skills, getting references and making your resume look purdy...
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