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First build... $200 plus shipping XD

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Ok, and tips, adivce? Sadly, the most expensive thing is the case. This is gonna go to my cousin if it actually works after i shove all the junk together. Her PC is literally over 10 years old, so this would be an upgrade for her. I want it to work well, but I mostly want it to be cheap. I know all about power supply issues with case deals, but I'm cheap.

Edit: Oh btw for some reason my cousin has a flatscreen monitor, so no need to upgrade that. It's actually decent.

MicroATX Case - $49.99

80GB HDD - $34.99

The Lightest Looking Beige DVD player I could find to match the case - $15.99

512 RAM (made sure it goes with mobo) x2

Mobo w/ Processor attached (using built in video)

Some cheap heatsink... Will it work with what I have? Do I even need it?

Thanks in advance. I'm an apple certified techy as of 2 days ago. I want to get some PC experience. I've heard lots of bad things about the A++ test.
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Yes, you do need a heatsink, tho that one is meant for a server setup...the case is small though, I think these will fit, but I would double check...think these give you 1 inch extra.

and one more, about the same
go for a cheap case at tigerdirect or a local retailer for about $20 to save more money (do you really need microATX?). and go with one of patriot's heatsink suggestions; you really don't need a $20 one for a computer like that. also: this RAM is decent, you might even want to buy 2 of them:
it is DDR2 but they should be backward compatible with old mobos. and at that price! (i actually got them during christmas when they were $10 apiece)
Stick with the memory you have picked out outermon, it is compatible, DDR2 is not compatible with the board you have chosen.
aren't they backward-compatible with DDR boards? or was it just the different speeds of DDR2 that are interchangeable?
Just between speeds...I believe DDR is 184 pin, while DDR2 is 240 pin, among other things...
oh. ok, thanks. yeah, it's really hard to come by DDR memory now. do you think it's worth it to spend a bit more money on a DDR2-supported board and get that money back by spending less on DDR2 RAM, with the added benefit of a speed increase?
Well, it depends on your use. In most cases one should probably go for a DDR2 board, but this is a super small budget build, so it's probably not too big of a deal.

DDR boards tend to be older and more outdated, which means they will be the first on the path to obsolescence, something I try to avoid...
but this is a super small budget build
what i meant was, the extra money that one spends buying a DDR2 board will probably be the same amount saved by buying DDR2 RAM instead of DDR (ie. in the end, one would spend the same amount of money). so, plus the increased speed, wouldn't that be more beneficial?
It's possible, if the OP can find a board and chip that's DDR2 compatible for 20 bucks more than what he has, it would work...I've seen deals like that from frys before, it just takes some hard looking...
Sorry, I read what you guys were saying and took it into consideration, but went with the RAM I had. Keep in mind, this was a Mobo+CPU+GPU combo. To upgrade the mobo, I would've had to find one with a built in GPU while staying in budget, and get a new processor. Thats just too much. I went with patriot's 5.99 heatsink. I also ditched the microatx and got a link...something. Linkwood maybe? All I can think of when I try to think of the company's name is Link from Legend of Zelda. The computer does what it has to for my cousin, and it was nice practice for me. Thanks guys.
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