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HEloo to all

I Have a Digital Camcorder, with a DV out on it.
I want to transfer the film from the camcorder to the Computer
To avi format (without any compression)
I heard that A FireWire card can do this...

My question is:

(actually there are more than one...)

Any FireWire card (100/200/400 Mbps) will do the same work?

Is The converted format (avi,mpeg,..) depended on the FireWire card?

All the Cards transfer in the same format (avi) and in the same

Is quality of the video file Depend on the Card's kind.. Or I just have to buy any fire wire card.?

Are there problems with softwares and cards compatibilities?

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To answer most of the questions, all firewire cards would work the same. The big difference will be in the bundled software to deal with the pictures. FWIW, I believe they're MPG encoded on the camera, so you'll have to convert them to get them into AVI format, and I'm not sure why you'd want to make them a lot bigger! Digital Video Links is an assortment of sites that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about digital video cameras and extracting the video. :)
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