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Firewalls and Networks

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After the latest Blast worm scare the general advice seems to be to make sure your firewall is up. Unfortunately if I enable the Internet Firewall in XP, or the one that comes Pc Cillin then my network of 3 XP computers stops working.
Any help appreciated.
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What Internet service are you using? Do you have a router installed on dsl/cable modem. Are you sharing internet from one of the computers?

If you are attached to a router. You have a semi firewall on the router by not having computers plugged into the DMZ and you have the router set to block all incoming traffic. If you have internet connection sharing going on, only enable the firewall on the single connection to the internet.
You need to put the computer IP addresses on your network in the trusted zone and the problem will be solved. :)
If you're using the "Internet Firewall in XP" be afraid, be very afraid. Get a REAL firewall.

If you could trust Microsoft to know their @$$ from a hole in their software, then you wouldn't be worried about worms like blaster, right!!?!?
I saw Leo Laport on TechTV say that software firewalls were better than those that come with routers the other night....I thought it was strange because he has been saying just the opposite for so long.
Hi, I too had problems networking with PC-Cillin. A friend and I tried to set up a LAN of 2 computers, but neither myself nor my friend could access my 'my network places'. It said I didn't have access to the network resource. After a long internet search, we finally tried Windows Manager, and turned PC-Cillin Firewall off completely. The network then ran fine. Noteably I did get the Blast Worm, and have since bought Norton Systemworks. Also after I got rid of the virus I enabled Windows Internet Firewall and the network still runs fine. The firewall is only on the internet connection, and we have not shared the internet connection. Needless to say I wouldn't recommend PC-Cillin to anyone!
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