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firefox/IE not loading page after a while

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About a week or two ago, some computer security company called me on the phone and offered a service to clean up my computer. They told me to go to their site and take a look at the packages they offer...and I did...which was a mistake on my part.

Anyways, a day later, my computer started to take a very long time to load websites (from ff and ie). It would work fine at boot up, and maybe after 30mins to a couple hours, the problem (websites not loading/connection cannot be established) would show up.

I made a scan and couldn't detect anything, so I decided to format the comp (moved my documents into a separate hdd) and formatted. After formatting, I installed Kaspersky. Recently, I plugged in the hdd that had my documents. Kaspersky didn't detect anything, but now my browsers are taking forever to load/not loading websites.

Could that company have uploaded something onto my computer? Could the virus be in the documents I copied over (non system files)? The other computers in my house have no problems loading onto webpages.

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
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if your up for it, you can try a low-level format:

Hi -

Wipe the entire HDD with KillDisk, then reinstall Windows.

KillDisk -->

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Ah, finally found the link...

Edit: as this is a format, you will have to back up again...
Thank you for the response!!! Sorry for the late reply.

For killdisk, the ISO (free version) only does 1 pass of writing zero throughout the hdd, would that be enough to get rid of a virus if there's one?

For the backup of my documents, could I have copied a virus onto it? If so, how should I go about moving the files back into my main hdd?

Thanks again!
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