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Firefox Hangs whenever i open flash content

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hi, i am having trouble with firefox, it hangs whenever i load flash content, this being pages like youtube videos, megavideo videos, grooveshark etc.

it completely hangs and the only way to exit is to end process, does anyone know what could be causing this?

my os is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
i have the latest flash install and latest firefox release
i have uninstalled and reinstalled firefox and flash
i have deleted all my add-ons in case there was some wierd conflict somewhere
but i still get the problem :-(

switched to chrome for now, but my god, it sucks the big one!

id love any assistance i can get thanks :)
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Try updating your graphics card drivers (I do not think this will fix it.. but it can't hurt to try)

If you have ATI ->

If you have Nvidia ->

Apart from that... just check if you still have the same problem next time a Flash update is released.
If you're using the latest 10.1 Flash, uninstall it and use an earlier version.
ok tried an older version of flash, but nothing will work then because it says that you have to have the latest, tried flash 9 and flash 10

both these work fine in IE and chrome...

i updated my graphics card drivers since the issue, and it hasnt doen anything, still i guess it was worth a try

it is definitly an issue with firefox, i even got the firefox 4 beta there, and im having EXACTLY the same problems on that, it must be some kind of conflict with something in firefox, but it saddens me to think that there isnt even hope of a newer build of firefox fixing the issue
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