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Latest version of FlashGot here:

uGet is the only download manager I use, because it captures and successfully downloads
more files than all the others. Recently, I installed the latest version of uGet (2.2.3). For
some reason, FlashGot has problem detecting the latest version of uGet. It had no problems
with previous versions.

FlashGot provides a long list of grayed out managers. If you've installed any manager on
the list it should be automatically detected. uGet 2.2.3 was not detected, so I used the "Add"

General Tab -> Add Button

After entering the name uGet, an error message appeared:

"Download Manager name is invalid or already in use!"

The final option that should convert the grayed out uGet to a functional listing is:

Advanced Tab -> Detect Now Button

All options failed. Why is this happening and how can I fix the problem?

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Corday, I understand that high speed internet service makes download managers
less important. I use managers with a script to automate downloads. If you read
my post, it's about FlashGot and uGet, not built-in download applets found in Firefox
and all other browsers.


The copy of uGet I downloaded and installed seemed to be functioning normally.
I extracted some of the critical uGet files from earlier versions and compared them
to the latest version. Files from old and new versions looked very similar, but there
were a few noticeable errors in the uGet 2.2.3 files. (I used an app that shows any
differences between two files that appear to be identical.)

Downloaded a fresh copy of uGet installer from:

Uninstalled the "damaged" copy of uGet and installed the copy from Github.
FlashGot instantly detected uGet. Problem solved.
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