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FireFox CPU Hog

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FireFox 1.0.6

Goes 100% CPU at ramdom times doesn't release CPU until :

1. close Firefox (NOT always possible, machine freezes)
2. Force reboot

Memory 512K with 197K available.

Any ideas?

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Hello and Welcome,

How many themes/extensions installed?

How many other processes running?
too many extensions may cause this ... i run firefox with only one extension (flashgot) and its running fine.
I just notice this on one of my W2k machines yesterday for the first time. I do not have any extensions running.

Seems to be somewhat random when it happens?

Is it just me, or do other folks see the same problem with Firefox and the CPU being pegged?

I seem to have it a lot on this TSF web site. Seems that everytime the animated ad banner on the top of the screen with the smiley faces or the dud trying to smack the mail box with the baseball bat show up, the CPU gets pegged.

I have seen the problem on 2 different machines in my house with Firefox and 2 different OS and the problem is the same. I have now started to keep the Task Manager on the screen with the Process Tab up with a CPU sort.

Seems that I do not have problems on many other web sites.

I know TSF needs to pay the bills, but maybe the animation can be scaled back a bit.

Anybody else seeing this as an issue??

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To reduce the spikes from ad banners etc there is an extension called Adblock which will greatly reduce the amount of ad's. You can block the ad's that escape the filterset individually and it's possible to block web-sites with this too.

Thanks for the Adblock info, so far this looks promising!!

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