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Firefox & Gmail Problem

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I am having a problem with the new version of Mozilla FF & Gmail. I can log in to Gmail just fine, but when I try to do anything once connection times out - I cannot compose mail, read mail, or even access the settings menu.

This just started happening after the recent update this week. I was running FF 1.5.x when I first noticed the problem after that update. I then upgraded to & still have the problem.

I am able to access pretty much every other site I have tried with no problems (including other web mail services such as Yahoo). Also, I can access & use my Gmail just fine via IE.

I have tried all the mozilla diagnostic steps up to (but not including) full reinstall. Can anyone lend me a hand in fixing this issue?

PS - I tried to register & use the mozillazine support forums, but my registration timed out in both FF & here I am. LOL
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Did you update or uninstall install the new version?
I have a similar problem and found that if i power cycle my modem and router everything works ok.
If you carried out an inplace upgrade, and you start experiencing weird behavior, uninstall it and reinstall a new version downloaded which will be much better. Mozillazine only recommends this and they have so many problems everywhere when these updates come along, which I have no idea why they won't make it clear beforehand! I've talked to most mods I know there but I guess they're just lagging to carry out any move.

You can clean your temps and then if your on XP you can do a repair connection and see if that helps. It always helps me this way.
Thanks for the responses!

I went ahead & uninstalled/reinstalled. That did the trick!
Well, if you ever get downloads/updates and subsequent to them Fx or any other software is acting erratic, uninstall it from Add/Remove in CPL, find its installation folder in C:\Program Files, then redownload it and reinstall it and all should be fine.. unless it be an issue elsewhere with dependencies, plugins, extensions and themes.

You're very welcome BTW. :smile:
I never had this problem. Thats weird, some people get it and some dont
Thats right. It only happens with some :eek:

But with over 300million people, some is quite a lot to deal with.
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