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As far as I could tell, Windows 8/8.1 was just a silly experiment that went wrong, a bit like Vista and ME.

XP was great, in its day, I ran that until it was just silly not to upgrade to 7 and was very impressed. after that, as always, waited until I was forced to upgrade to 10 and never looked back, it was like 7 but with all the flaws ironed out, still works brilliantly.

Windows 11, imho was launched for the idiot part of society, the ones that have to get the latest thing simply because it is the latest thing, regardless of whether it has been tried and tested or not.

Having said that, present company excepted, quite a few of my colleages here at TSF are running 11 and, from what I can gather, they've hardly noticed a difference.

On a side note, here in the forums, I think you could get your point across quite adequately without being disrespectful to the staff. As you rightly mentioned earlier, we are all volunteers and we are all human. Humans are well known for having good days and bad days, perhaps you should consider that before you press the 'Post' button. :)
1 - 1 of 60 Posts
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