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file transfer?

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We have a system at my dads work place. it keeps freezing and we dont know whats wrong with it. We cant reformat because we need a certain program. Is there a way to load a program on one hard drive to another?
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Use the install disks. There is no way to move most installed application to another machine without a re-install.
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Personally I think you would be well served to find out whats up with Dad's computer ???? unless you are tied up with time constraints ??????

major two things that make a system freeze up / overheating and low voltage unless you have a feeling its software related ?? you are the one using the machine ~~ is it a software freeze up or a hardware freeze up ????


tell us the problem with your dad's computer and maybe we can all help figure it out and help solve the problem. when does the computer freeze?

if your dad's computer is running windows xp, try checking the eventlog for any errors. you can go to the eventlog by right clicking on my computer -> manage -> and then click on the eventviewer. then double click on applications and look for any "X" which indicates an errors.

also has your dad's computer been scanned for any viruses or spywares? if not then scan your dad's computer with spybot and adware SE. you can download both programs from

also on the same website download "memtest86" and put it on a floppy. then bootup with it and test the computer ram for any errors. good luck and feel free to post back if you have more problems.
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ok sorry i was away. ok the computer contains a program that we use to do all the daily transactions. The company that we buy the software from, does not give us a cd but comes and installs it for us ( idk my dad thought it was a good idea, but i think we are getting jipped). That software cost a hefty amount of money. Everyday we turn on the computer, and its fine. When we start the software however, the system turns blue and tells us there has been an error and for us to press any key (windows 98). could it be the software or the computer?
If the error only comes up when you start this program, I think the company that installed this program will have to fix it. Do you get an error message. Is the "blue screen of death" that you see.
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