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I have a folder in my Windows Vista Laptop that I want to transfer to my Windows XP Desktop. But I tried following instructions on youtube and when I try to connect to the other computer's folder which I named Shared, I get Network Path Could not be found when I go to Map Network Drive.
I have both computers connected to an ethernet switch which is then connected to my residential gateway for internet acess. When I have both the computers plugged in, I can ping both the computers with one another.

So what I did:
I made a folder on the Vista Laptop called Share and I enabled it to be shared. I then put a folder with all the things I want to transfer into the Share folder.
I went to my WINXP Desktop and opened Map Network Drive, and on the folder field, I typed in \\\Share, where is my laptop's IP. Then I get a box saying the Network Path could not be found.

I would appreciate a step by step how to guide.
Thanks a great deal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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