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File Saving Problem

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I have had trouble saving image files and videos. When I choose the folder I've made for them it tells me I don't have permission to use this folder, would you like to store it in your document folder. Then it says to contact the administrator for permission. There is no administrator, it's my home computer. How do I change the settings to save files where I want them?
Thanks for your help.:wave:
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Where did you create this folder that you are trying to save to?
In program files in the folder with the program I use to burn the DVD's
Hi -

I would not place any files in the \Program Files folder as it is virtualizable and you may find your output under your user profile in the "Virtual Store"


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New to this fourm...I suddenly lost ability to save an animated gifs...when saved to my pictures or anywhere else, they become static images...also all the ones I had saved from the past suddenly became static images as well. I went to tools, and deleted temporsary files...did not help. Any advise
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