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File Deletion

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I'm trying to delete a file but vista wont let me. Its a .exe application file. A box comes up saying "you need to confirm this operation" so i click continue and continue again as admin and then it just says "you need permission to perform this operation" and 2 buttons:try again or cancel. Try again does nothing so i can't delete the file.
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Just erring on the side of caution.... Do you know that it's a safe file to delete and not a Windows system app?
Hi Fred, windows resource protection will not let you delete a system file and they are never .exe files.
Hi, this will give you a right click option to take control then you can delete the file.
thanks,this for vista right?
Hi, works on Vista and Seven perfectly safe.
Thanks,but i right clicked after opening the batch file and there was no extra things to click
Activate the Hidden Admin account and see if it can take the file out -

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Hi, checked the code works well, you did restart didn't you?
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