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File appears on desktop randomly named "~"

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Hi all

Exactly the above. After doing work in a spreadsheet in Excel and closing it down i'll notice a file has been created on the desktop called "~".

I've attached the file. NB: it isn't usually a .txt file but i had to change it to upload it.

On opening it it opens in Notepad and looks like scrambled up data from this excel spreadsheet aforementioned (I can tell by the email addresses in it). What is this does anyone know?



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That sounds like the TEMP file that's created when you're working in many of Microsoft's applications. How it's ending up on your desktop is anyone's guess.
Well the spreadsheet in question is saved on my desktop so that is prob why.
Here's the answer

it is not Excel's fault,
it is Outlook Express whos creating the file.

read this:
breakerfall you're a star!!!
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