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Fighting SpySheriff and BraveSentry intrusions - PLEASE HELP!

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I know I know, it was a stupid move, but a couple of hours ago I downloaded and actually EXTRACTED IT, and it is fighting one heck of a batlle trying to get in. Ok, so it never actually hit my decktop and taskbar, but I need help cant get rid of all the crap this one package has, because Avira can only fix so much at one time. With everything repeatedly popping back up, Avira is not doing its job. Im scared, and I need help. Normally I would wait for help, but this needs to be fixed before dawn rises in NY, if possible. Thank you for your past and continued support.
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Also let me say that for the record that if Avira fails completely, any logs wont be possible. Its kind of like this nasty program is watching my every move. Should I show my running processes in a seprate post? (Im getting paranoid, so I really want to make sure). I should also note that this isnt a joke, Avira doesnt alert me for no reason, still out there.:4-thatsba
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Nasdag, Im so sorry for the late reply, but Im here at this time and ready to fix the problem. Before I use the tools needed to provide the logs, I would need to make sure its safe to do so, as SpySheriff and its clones are pretty nasty programs. Thank you in advance. :)
The tools will not delete anything.

Run them if you can and please post the results.
As instructed to, I am supposed to remove an antivirus from my computer if more than one is being used. I have Avira AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. Which one shall I get rid of?
Do not delete Microsoft Security Essentials just disable it.
While Im not exactly sure if disabling means unchecking real time protection, best to make sure. After this I should be able to work with the tools.
Disabled real time protection, all of it. Is AVG okay to keep active, or should I disable it too?
Leave it for now.

It may need to be completely later. I will inform you.
This may be completely unrelated, however I found this running process (cudos to task manager) called "msseces.exe". It wasn't a system process and I wasn't sure about it either. I tried running the program, but Windows says it may not exist. Is this safe, or should I terminate it?
Nevermind. Its for MSE. I will be back on in a half hour or so, mom is making me do some spring break homework.
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