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I have purchased 2 EMC Clarion Fibre Channel Storage arrays model no-FC5310R-FD.

Both of these have 2 (what i beleive to be)optical transceivers fitted to the back. I have hooked the array up to a pci card which is in my system running windows 2000. The card is fully installed and works with other arrays.

The problem i have is that i dont have any manuals for the arrays and cannot get seatools to detect the fibre channel drives. Below the outputs there are ports that take a standard modem cable, but not sure what this would be used for?I cant think of any other way to connect this to the computer, i have tries removing the transceivers and using another Fibre channel cable, but still no joy.

I was hoping someone out there might have a solution to this as its been driving me round the twist for a while now!I have attached a picture of the rear of one of the arrays to let you see back panel.

Any help would be much appreciated!Thanks in advance.



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