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Faulty Video Card?

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I just changed the cases on my computer, I took everything out and put it in the new one, then I try to turn it back on and it beeps at me 8 times and the screen does nothing, doesnt even turn on, i searched it and it said that the 8 for AIM BIOS (which is what I have) is a display problem I checked my video card and it is in there fine and the fan on the card moves when I turn the computer on, thankyou for any help xD

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What motherboard, graphics card and power supply? Generally, check that you have all auxiliary power connectors plugged into your graphics card if it needs them. If you have onboard video try booting with that instead to see if it works. Also test out the components in another computer if you can. Note that PCI-E graphics cards need a PSU with 26A on the +12V rail while AGP requires 18A.
Its an asus p4i65pe motherboard p4 3.00ghz, and a ati radeon 7800 (not quite sure :S)
it's agp
look at the label on the side of the psu and post
see if you can borrow another psu to try in it with 18a output on the 12v+ line
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