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I received the following message when installing a game for my son -- "fatal exception 0E has occurred @ 015F:BB8E09F". When I ctl-alt-del it restarts the computer and then it defaults to "3-start in safe mode".

Any ideas on what to do? I've restarted it a couple of times in safe mode and saw these abnormalities (or so I think!) --

missing or corrupted c:\samsun\sscdrom.sys
error on config.sys line five

If I reinstall the OS, will this fix it? or do I need to do something else? I was preparing to wipe the hd out and start over again, just to get rid of the stuff the kids have brought in, so I have a folder with all my pictures and music that I was going to transfer over to another hd. If I need to reformat, how do I go about getting the folder over the other hard drive? when I can't get to the desktop?

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Fatal exceptions fall into several catagories, but the most common are either hardware or software and each of these can be subcatagorized.

What are fatal exception errors

So you have a fatal exception of the 0E type
What are fatal Exception 0E: Page Fault
The Page Fault interrupt allows the operating system to implement virtual memory on a demand-paged basis. An interrupt 14 usually is issued whenever an access to a page directory entry or page table with the present bit set to 0 (Not present) occurs. The operating system makes the page present (usually retrieves the page from virtual memory) and re-issues the faulting instruction, which then can access the segment. A page fault also occurs when a paging protection rule is violated (when the retrieve fails, or data retrieved is invalid, or the code that issued the fault broke the protection rule for the processor). In these cases the operating system takes over for the appropriate action.
So you have a fatal exception 0E: 015F:BB8E09F
Offhand the closest I see is
This issue may occur if either one of the following conditions is true:
• The Microsoft Windows Registry is damaged.
• An antivirus program is running when you install Microsoft Age of Empires II: Age of Kings or Age of Mythology.
If you had your antivirus on during install, try repeating the install with your antivirus disabled.

Secondly, it sounds like you have possibly corrupted the cdrom drivers or it did not complete install and is searching for the cdrom.
If you can boot to safe mode and uninstall the game, do so.
sscdrom.sys is a cdrom driver used by gateway amongst others
google search results

Here is something to try, in safemode, go to start / run and type msconfig.
Change msconfig to the selective startup option
on the config.sys tab you should find something in the fifth line about sscdrom.sys.(Probably this DEVICE=c \SSCDROM.SYS /D MSCD00D /V) Remove the check there.
This may disable your cdrom until you have downloaded the file and replaced the damaged copy by going to start/ run and type
hit enter
when it finds the damaged file, tell it to replace with the one you downloaded; but it will let you boot to windows to do that.
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