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fastest ssd for best price

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i want to get a speedy-fast ssd for my new i7 laptop i just dont know where to start. ive done a little research but if someone could point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it.

as of now, i dont think storage size is an issue since ill have 2 hdd bays and i could run everything from my 500gb hdd (unless that slows things down to use the ssd to access from the hdd)

im willing to shell out cash for the fastest ssd out there as long as theres a significant increase in speed for the better one

thanks for the help
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Start with a review of the Corsair Force ssd's. AkG at HWC is a reviewer I trust, look for other ssd ones too, you'll get more info than you need there.
only problem is it's 410$. now im willing to spend money on speed but i know some of the fastest are going for 200$ and its hard to believe that they get much faster for this extra 200$
Probably not, all the sandforce drives are near in price. To spend less you need to look at an older drive with the Indilinx controller, even then, the prices are still fairly high. You can reduce costs with smaller drives of course. Look at the Intel X-25M, Patriot Torqx, G.Skill Falcon, OCZ Vertex, etc.
With the two drive bays, you can probably get away with a smaller drive, and that's a good thing. Whatever you do select, they are costly.
I'm in the same boat as techtic. I've got a quad-core with 8gigs of RAM rating 7.2 and 7.4 in Windows Experience, but my 2TB 7200 RPM HD is rating at 5.9. I've been advised that an SSD will significantly increase my PC's speed, OS and app boot times... But what SSD is right for me? I keep getting steered in the direction of the OCZ Vertex 2, but when I look at it on Amizon I see some negative feedback that concerns me. I'm willing to spend the $325-$350 for one of these drives, but are they stable? There's so many of these drives on the market I feel like I'm playing Spin The Bottle, and it's a big investment for a 120 gig drive. Sure I'll only be using it to run my OS and apps, and all of my media will go external, but if I'm putting an SSD in charge of running my PC, I want to be darn sure it's the right choice.

I'm running 64 bit Windows 7 on an HP Touchsmart Qaud. The computer's about 3 weeks old. I'm taking all advice on this one, I read the review and it just lead to more questions. I want a minimum 120 gig, I need at least 70 gigs to run all of my software and the OS, and I don't want to limit myself for adding more programs. I can work with either the 2.5" or 3.5" drives.
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If the media is on an electromechanical drive, and the OS and apps only on the SSD, you will see the app load faster, but not the data, the speed gains of an SSD are only when accessing what is stored on teh SSD. Faster boot and load times of the app itself are the only things you will notice.
I understand this, but it's the resource heavy OS and Apps that I'm trying to speed up. I currently don't have a problem with the boot times of my smaller media files or documents, but my 3 minute boot up and the boot times of heavy programs (ie Adobe) less than stellar, to say the least.

i was busy and pushed off the ssd research until now. ive got time so please help me out....

whats the current fastest ssd on the market for the best price?
After reading countless reviews on Amazon for OCZ and several other SSD manufacturers, many possitives and lots of negatives, I finally broke down and went with a name I know.

I got the 160GB Intel X-25M for $419.99.

I like to make purchases like this on the safe side. The 160GB is way more than I need to run my OS and program apps, and I probably could have safely gone with the 80GB for just under half the price, but this way I give myself plenty of room to expand.
Just happened to run across something about the Corsair F120, it's really dropped in price.

Too bad it wasn't like that when I bought my 80GB X-25M.
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