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Fans and stuff run/Screen is blank often

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I dont pretend to know a ton about computers first off so i apologize if this is in the wrong forum. Because of the screen being blank i was guessing that it would be a vid card thing.

Basically about one outta every 15-20 trys my computer boots up fine and seems to run fine atleast to my knowledge.

The problem is all those other times i hear fans and such spinning up but the screen remians blank, also the light on the monitor by on on/off button slowly blinks on and off.

I have no idea where to start but i feel capable enough to work on this given some input from those smart than myself.

Thanks for any help/input you can give. ill try and monitor this thread to answer any questions however it might take me a bit to remember some of the specific specs on this thing (i chose the parts and a friend who no longer lives near me built it.)
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video card
power supply
are you running
any error message
check your tempretures and voltages in the bios and post them
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