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Fan Speed?

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hey everyone, i recently built my own pc.. and urrr... it has a fan controller, so i can control fan speeds, rear and front,... there are 4 fans front and rear[rear = back] and u can control speeds, its like a lil knob 2 knobs lol 1 for rear and front, what shall i set the setting to?


80gb hd
1.5gb ram
dual core processor
3.2 ghz
win xp home
nvidea 6600 graphics
19'' monitor flat screen
8bit guru motherboard

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any1 out there that can help?

and by the way, its nt a dual core proccesor, i got it wrong lol.
i would start out with them all the way up, and see if it runs hot.

if it isn't running hot, and it's noisy, you can turn them down a bit, and see if it improves the noise without starting to run hot.

for example, one of my case fans runs at 2700 rpms, and makes a considerable amount of noise.

now, it's moving alot of air, so i turn it down a bit, and i can go to about 2000 rpms, and not notice a single bit of difference in the temps, but, it suddenly gets a tons quieter.

now, i have 9 fans, and i absolutely had to do this to all my fans.
i call it noise tuning.
ok thanks
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