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Fan problem?

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My laptop is 6 years old. It always plays youtube/all videos very slowly and is jerky.

The only thing that helps, is putting my large, ordinary table fan next to the laptop. Within minutes the video plays normally...

So, is youtube playing slowly because of overheating? and is my laptop fan inadequate or just not working? is there anything i can do so that i don't have to resort to sticking my fan on everything i want to play a video?
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What make/model laptop?

Has the laptop been cleaned lately?

Get a can of compressed air and clean the fan and vents.

It also may be time to clean and re-apply the thermal paste.
That indicates overheating. Try cleaning with compressed(canned) air.
Can you hear the CPU fan running?
Try using the laptop elevated to allow more fresh air to the underside.
Hmm i havn't cleaned out the fan for 2 years, so it could be that (lost the scewdrovers to open the base! )
Its a toshiba laptop Equium A110-233
The only other thing that i've noticed is hat the CPU usage always is at 100% when videos play...but when no vids are playing it runs at 10%
and yes, the fan inside the laptop does run, but only after a very long time of over heating
I would suggest removing the cover to access the fan and venst and give the laptop a good cleaning.
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