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My favorite game ever was Tribes 2. Never had the pleasure to play Tribes 1.

Ive been out of the PC gaming world for the past 3 years, but upon hearing of this upcoming release Im already researching prices for a new gaming rig.

From what Ive read so far this game will have a lot of the things which made Tribes great, Fast Action, Jet-Packs and Team Oriented game play.

But, in the interview I posted below there is some mention of it being a "web browser game" and that being regarded as junky (more or less). They said they created it that way on purpose and there are benefits of "web browser games". My question is: what are web browser games and how do they differ from normal games and does it mean that this game is limited in some way?

Does anyone know anything else about this game? Are there any Tribes fans out there that are also excited about it?

Interview with creators -->

Video -->
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