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Failure Rate of top psu brands

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This is not the ultimate survey, but their sample size wasnt too small, they stated that at least 500 units were bought of each brand. The top isnt surprising, as i have almost never heard of fortron power supplies failing. Antec was dissapointing, mainly because of the high failure rate its smart power 2.0 line carried, as the quality suffered because of disagreement with their supplier, channel well tech. their newer trio models are fine though, as theyre made by seasonic, which is almost as good as fsp. thermaltake also had good results, which is fairly surprising, but their psus apparently arent as bad as they seem...
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I am wondering if the report might have discrepencies.
They arent being tested on 1 outfitted rig. This might not be a level playing field. Some of these units might be installed in systems that are overmatched for the supply trying to power up the beast.
just a thought-
thats true, but there are widespread issues with the antec psus, their use of a deadly combination of slow fans and caps that fail at a comparatively low temp. again, issue is pretty much resolved now that theyre using seasonic. most of these companies do make high end psus, so im guessing the customer base is fairly similar, aspire and the like are not on this list.
article said:
Today, we obtained the failure rate of power supplies recorded by a major French e-commerce. These statistics include products in shops since the first April 2006. At least 100 units of each product listed below have been sold. Statistics per brand are based on a minimum sample of 500 units:
Please read the above carefully. What this says is that the failure rate was from supplies that had been sold, and a sampling from that group that had failed were reported from retail shops.

It said nothing about

> equal testing samples

> nothing about those that were not returned for failure (even if they did)

> nothing about the quality or lack thereof of current that was put out (which would equal a failing supply) which would indicate a failing supply

> nothing about the qualifications of those who installed them to do a proper and adequate job of installing them and verifying proper installation

> nothing about the equality of the quality of the computer they were put in (ie: nonel of them were equally and equitability tested)

> or other problems area. For example, many on this forum return or RMA things as way of troubleshooting even if that is not the problem

> as mentioned, not all tested under the same circumstances

> nothing about any type of scientific measurement standards

Therefore, I conclude this is "Much Ado About Nothing," or even a "Midsummer Night's Dream" by a proported study that had no scientific or quanatative validity. Balderdash, my dear friends, nothng but balderdash.
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nothing of surprise in that "sampling" to me

the failures in the antec line are very common in the forums, simply you cant use low rpm/ cheap fans and cheap capicitors, one or the other! LOL

Enermax we have all seen sliding

TT I think got a real blessing in that sampling as I have seen them in more failures than the antecs when cruising the net.

Fortron, Seasonic and Tagan I will gladly take a unit for any of them.

thanks for sharing; floyd :wave:

I can see where Tumble is coming from though.
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Even in a non-scientific study, the good stuff shines through.
the unit that has impressed me to no end is the Seasonic S12 600 watt

the quietest PSU i have seen so far, none other even close!

newegg had 143 buyers and the vast majority love the unit
I'm actually very impressed by the Antec Phantom 500W for all around performance especially low noise. The Hiper units are a rave all around the world apart from in America's. They are the choice brand for many users in the EU now.
There's no data in the above report to hold it valid. It's simply missing everything as many have outlined.
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