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Facebook Like button

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Hi all

I have facebook pages and I use FBML tab (now in side menu). Facebook stopped the permission for using this like button in these FBML tabs. Example of the FBML code used for it is:

<fb:like href="" layout="button_count" show_faces="true" width="450" font=""></fb:like>

So now fb:like is not allowed in FBML tabs, but for example fb:comment is still allowed.

What I want is to put a several like buttons in an fbml page/tab under each article or video or... just for seeing how many people liked that article (or video or..). I don't want this like button to like some web page or anything else, I just want it to count how many people clicked on it. This what fb:like does in addition to really make the person who clicked on it become a member of the facebook page or liking a certain webpage or so.

Like Button - Facebook Developers

Any idea?

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An option on the Facebook Web site to provide feedback on the stories that appear in your friend's news feed.The Facebook "Like" button is a feature that allows users to show their support for specific comments, pictures, wall posts, statuses, or fan pages. Added in February 2009, the "like" button allows users to show their appreciation for content without having to make a written comment. While pages originally gave users the option to "become a fan" of them, Facebook replaced this option with a "like" button in April 2010.
After a user "likes" something, their news feed is updated, letting their friends know what pages they "like." Facebook has also made it possible for websites to add "like" buttons directly to their sites. If a user clicks a "like" button on a web page, their news feed will be updated with a link to the web page.


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