Microsoft held the attention of the net the past few days with the announcements of the Surface, and their newest Windows Phone 8. But other noteworthy events occurred, such as the roll-out and consequent reiteration and removal of Facebook's new "Find Friends Nearby" Android and iPhone app service. Also known as "Friendshake", this app became active for mobile users unannounced after it was created by Facebook engineers presumably. It was quickly pulled back less than 24 hours after its release.

The premise of the app is to detect nearby Facebook users via location detection, and thus giving you the ability to see which friends and non-friends are nearby. Unfortunately for Facebook, they weren't the first to come up with the premise. A company called Friendthem has a mobile app that tracks nearby friends via GPS. reports that they quickly threatened Facebook with a lawsuit following the release of the feature.

Facebook stated that it was simply a test run, and the pullback was not an unintended event.

In other Facebook news, the social networking site is still struggling against privacy problems and have made more changes to the site's usage. Listed e-mails on Facebook was changed to end in, and all e-mails go to the Facebook website inbox. This caused quite an uproar in the tech blogging community concerning the change. Many bloggers have stated their dislike at Facebook changing the way users choose to display their information without their consent. Although the change is reversible through the settings, it has not silenced the masses.

Facebook is always trying new things, and in the changing social networking market there is bound to be slipups. Whether Facebook will survive, or eventually patter down like Myspace did is something that remains to be seen.