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Fabric interconnects

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Hi All,
I'm bidding for a tender and the project requires the below items

1-blade chassis fully integrated
2-Fabric interconnects 2*6248(10G & FC)
3- dual switch 9k's to provide IP ethernet aggregation using 8 * 10 GB uplink to core network
4- Dual MDS 48 Port 8GB FC Switch 16 active ports
this is the requirement and there is no productnumber
however the client recommends cisco products.

Can you please help me to choose the best model for each item and to price it.

Thank You in Advance
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Hi mate.

Are you just looking for part numbers & prices? You can use the Cisco commerce tool to create an estimate (, although you will get a better price when you log in as a Cisco partner obviously.

1. Not sure what you mean (i'm guessing UCS?),i'll need further context.
2. UCS-FI-6248E16-ALL x2 = £66,918.40
3. N9K-C9372Tx= x2 = £19,263.88
*4. DS-C9148S-12PK9 x2 = £Expensive

*I'd ask the question regarding a top of the rack design and maybe use FEX's rather than an end of row aggregation switch (or quote for both).

The numbers above are from a non-partner CCW estimate (I can't remember my password) and don't include config items such as PSUs (redundant), licenses, cables, etc. You will definitely need to create a more detailed quote based off the required part numbers.

Please also note that i'm basing the models on your initial requirement, and may not be the 'best' without knowing what it is your client is trying to achieve.
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