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Q: What is F.I.R.E.?
A: F.I.R.E. is a free Forensic and Incident Response Environment
on a bootable CD-ROM.
In other words, it is a Linux distribution with lots of useful
security tools and a fine menu system which makes it very easy to use.
Nothing on your computer is modified, so you can try it out safely.

F.I.R.E. was created and is maintained by William Salusky

Q: What can I do with it?
A: Among other things, you can use F.I.R.E. to
* collect data from a potentially compromised host and do a
forensic analysis
* respond to a security incident using trusted binaries
* recover data from lost partitions
* do a virus check of your harddrives in a clean environment
* carry out a penetration test or vulnerability assessment

F.I.R.E. can be booted into a comfortable X-Window environment or operated
from a standard text console (even over a serial cable).
Menus that help you perform common tasks are available in both cases.

Q: What tools are included?
A : Far too many to list here. Some popular ones are:

* Nessus, Nmap, whisker, hping2, hunt, fragrouter
* Ethereal, Snort, tcpdump, ettercap, dsniff, airsnort
* chkrootkit, F-Prot
* tct, tctutils, Autopsy
* Testdisk, fdisk, gpart
* SSH (client and Server), VNC (client and server)
* Mozilla, ircII, mc, Perl, biew, fenris, gpg

Q: What platforms will F.I.R.E. run on?
A: F.I.R.E. requires an Intel x86 compatible PC with at least 48MB RAM.
To use the X Window System your graphics card and monitor must support
800x600 pixels and VESA frame buffer. Of course then you will need a mouse
then as well.

read more FAQ about F.I.R.E. here

download .iso file from sourceforge here
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