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Extremely slow shutdown times (5-10 minutes+ literally)

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This PC is just extremely slow at shutting down (5-10 minutes+ literally), where you can just wait and wait and wait, while its says its saving settings. I don't know how to deal with that or troubleshoot the shutdown procedure.

OS is Windows XP SP-3.

What can be done about it?
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Do you close down all running programs individually prior to shutting down the computer? If not, that may have something to do with it.
Well, normally I shouldn't have to.

But yes, shutting down at least running programs seems to do nothing about the shutdown time at all.

I think those programs are shut down already at that point anyway when its at the blue screen saying its saving settings.
Hi Lord Chaos,

This might sound a bit patronising, but, slow startups and shutdowns are generally caused by 'garbage' files that have accumilated on your machine.

Windows® does have a couple of built-in 'garbage cleaners'.

1: Right click > Internet Explorer Desktop Icon > Properties > Delete cookies > OK > Delete Files > Tick the box > Delete all offline content > OK click the Content Tab > Clear SSL State > OK .

2: How to use the Windows® XP Disk CleanUp tool. ( Click the coloured link. )

These two utilities will help keep the HDD 'clean'...use them both regularly, as well as using The Disk Defragmenter once a week.
Both of them will only delete the unnecessary 'garbage', whereas other system cleaners can remove vital files.
I have got into the habit of using Method One every night as part of the shutdown process, and Method Two once a week.

3: Go Start > Run > type in the box msconfig > Enter.
This opens the System Configuration Utility > StartUp > listed here are all the programs that are set to start with Windows®.
Untick those that you do not want to start with Windows > Apply > ok; the computer will want to reboot; allow it to do so.
If you are unsure which programs are safe to disable; post a list here and we will advise you.

Please Note: Do Not disable your Anti Virus or 'real time' Anti Spyware programs.

Upon restarting, a Pane will open stating that you have altered the StartUp Configuration; tick the box Don't show this message again, and you are right to go.

Try these 3 methods, then post back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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