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Now to start off, I am doing this to help a friend. I know a good amount about computers, but not nearly enough, especially about laptops, and he knows vastly less than I do. So I am trying to find a solution to his problems.

He has an HP Pavilion ZV 6000 laptop
ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 graphics card
XP Home Edition OS
74GB Harddrive

We just installed City of Heroes on his computer, and at first, he couldnt see his character models, they were nothing but black blobs. So we updated his video drivers, and he was able to see them. Now however, whenever he logs in, he gets intense lag. Its usually so bad that he cant do anything. We updated his DirectX, and it helped only a little. We cant figure out what the problem is. He has been able to play World of Warcraft and Guild Wars with no problems for a while now, and in my opinion WoW has more detailed graphics than CoH. Does anyone have any

I hope i didnt break any rules, I did read the "read this first" post, but I am very new to working with laptops, and this is all foreign to me.
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