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External IP forwarding intermittent...

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I have a Belkin router (model to follow when back at work), which I've set up port forwarding, or virtual servers as it's called in the router admin. I also have a PPPoA login with static IP from BT which has been set up on the router.

How it should work...
Essentially, if I was to visit the routers IP address in a browser, It should go via my router and through it's port 80 forwarding to the assigned IP which has a static IP rather than DHCP assigned IP within the network. The computer with this IP has a web server set up, and the holding page will be shown in the browser. This is how it should work.

How mine works...
Mine works exactly as it should as shown above... Some of the time. Generally though, connecting to the network externally doesn't work, and the port forwarding seems not to work. I've tried pinging the external IP and get connection time outs, which obviously is not ideal. When I reset the router it sometimes works as it should, but mainly doesn't. I have a few ports forwarded to a server computer, and when the web server cannot be contacted, neither can any of the other forwarded connections.

I'm trying to set up a sturdy email and web server, and obviously this wont do.

Any thoughts?
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Inconsistancy appears to only be with the belkin. Belkin is not my first choice in routers. Netgear and dlink are with Linksys coming in second.

Might see if there is a firmware update that stabilizes that router.
Ah excellent, so it's not me being a nugget, and the likely situation is the router being naff. I'll try update it when I'm next at work.

If I need a new router, could I use the new one as a modem? My ClearOS server as a router, and my Belkin as a wifi hotspot?
Oh, we have a large hub to connect the server computer to, to help make it a router.
what are you using now for a modem?

server would need two nics which one connected to the modem and having the public ip address.
Currently using my belkin router as modem and router, and forwarding all the services through it. It'd be much simpler not having to do the forwarding, and using the server as a dhcp server instead.
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