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External HDD

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Hi Everyone,

I bought a new 320GB External HDD by Iomega which has USB 2.0, Firewire 800 and 400. When I plug it in via USB it shows up just like any other drive with amount of disk space etc under my computer.

When I plug it in under Firewire 400 *the 800 plug is really a strange connection and I don't have anything that looks remotely like it on my computer, even with a PCI card installed for firewire* the drive shows up under my computer plugged in as FW400 but it doesn't show any data statistics, and when I try to access the drive my computer *Windows 7 32 bit* goes into a loop and I have to restart it to unlock the computer.

Why would it work fine in USB but not work in FireWire mode? Obviously I want the speed of the firewire for data transfers.

Any help would be appreciated.
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2 different connections feed into the hard drive in 2 different ways.
Try the Firewire connection in another computer just to be sure.
If you don't have access to one, take it back to the store and exchange it because it appears to be broken.
So for all appearances it should be working correctly with firewire?
I would follow usasma's suggestion and try it in another system to help rule in/out the ext HDD/ connections itself.
I tried it in another system and it seemed to freeze up that system as well when it was hooked up by firewire? Could this mean it is a dead HDD? Should I get a replacement?
Not likely the HDD itself, but something with the firewire port it appears. If it works correctly on USB but not FW on two diff machines, then it is probably the FW port on the enclosure. Might as well return it now before you get it loaded up.
It should do the exact same thing under FW and USB correct? Show me size and all of that?
Sounds good. Guess its going back tomorrow...too bad too, i really liked that feature..doubt they have any more at that price :(
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