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External HDD problem

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I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I bought a caddy for a spare Laptop HDD I had (5gb) i started using it and when i was using it on the main computer i was getting weird noises from the HDD so i bought a new 40gb drive and installed that into the caddy it works fine in two computers and a laptop at home, but when i put it into the main computer that i use i get the weird noise again, i unplugged the other Usb things to see if something was interfereing with it but it still does the same??

I needed to be able to use it with this computer does anyone have any idea why it will only not work with this computer and works fine on the others?

Specs for the main computer are :

Mobo : Asus A7N8X-X
Processor : Amd Athlon 2800+
Ram : 768mb
Hard Drive : 360gb

Hope you can help

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My guess is that you're powering it directly from the USB ports. Most new 2.5" disk enclosures ship with a dual headed USB cable to draw power from two USB ports, since many 2.5" hard disks draw more than the 0.5A of +5V that each USB port provides. You can also use an external P/S if the enclosure has provisions for one.
Hi John

Thanks for that, it works now when i plug both in.

Thanks allot for your help

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