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External HDD Issue

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So a while ago, I tried installing the Linux Ubuntu OS, and had my External HDD plugged in while it was making the partitions, but it froze, so later I tried re-installing Linux, but didn't have my external plugged in, and ended up wiping my entire harddrive. So now I got my laptop back, after being re-imaged, and noticed that my Western Digital 320gb External HDD, says it has 32gb free of 147gb :4-dontkno

From what I can see, Linux managed to create a partition on it, but was left unused. So my question is, how can I delete that partition, and get my 150gbs back, without affecting the rest of the used harddrive?

PS I also accidentally right clicked the external, and selected "Mark partition as active". Will this affect anything?
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Welcome to TSF!

You should be able to right click on the My book F: in the disk manager and select extend volume to the end of the drive.

and if that doesnt work, try a program like Acronis Disk Director. I just got it the other day and was able to repartition both my external and internal HDDs the way I wanted without having to deal with messy code or worrying about deleting files.
Thanks for the help Paul, but no, I can't extend or shrink the volume, only delete :sigh:

Tr0x, how reliable is that program? And how would I go about doing what I want done? I reallllly don't wanna risk my files

Any other suggestions are welcome

Try Parted Magic.
It's a live Linux CD with a disk manager that will let you expand the F: partition. Boot the computer with the CD.
I'm fairly IT literate, but that all sounds too risky and unsafe imo
I've already played with Linux and gotten burnt. Are there any other options? This can't be that complicated
Parted magic is easy to use - you won't be installing anything.
Disconnect other hard drives when using it to prevent mistakes.
I burnt the image file to a CD and booted from it, but was kind of confused. I don't want to take chances. Could you please provide some instructions, showing how to extend my volume? Thanks
Open the disk manager >> click the partition you want to expand >> click "Resize/Move" >> new window, enter 0 in "Free space following".
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