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External HD not formatted

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Hi - I have a Seagate 500GB external HD that suddenlu tells me that "drive F: (the drive in question) is not formatted."
I don't want to format it because I don't have backup some of the files in that HD.
I've followed the sticky thread using TestDisk and get to step G, but there is no selectable partition to "fix."
And in the Disk Management, it shows that Disk F is RAW.

Is there anything else that I can do?

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One possibility is a logical recovery of the drive. This may get your data back. Many tools are out there for this and many posts here on that subject. I would clone the drive to another 500GB drive or larger first. Do NOT work on the failed drive any more than needed. Copy it first then set it aside.
Help please...
I tried using Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to get the data back, but all the files that have been recovered are not in their original names and all of the files seems to be damaged (I couldn't open any).
Before that, using TestDisk didn't work either.
Can anyone help me...

Using TestDisk, when it analyze, it shows lots of error but if finally show Structure OK but not partition to choose.
In Advanced option, there is no Boot options. I attach the print screen.
I'm very confused right now....


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