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External Drive F: is now cd ram drive G:

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Hi, I have two drives C: and an external hard drive. It is a Maxtor 5000dv
Vo 1.00.00usb device 120 gigs. I have a cd ram drive. called G: I don't know when it happened but it was either the 23 or 24th. The drives switched letters. The G is now F and the F is now G:

I have windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 service pack 3

Intel Pentium 4 Cpu 3 Ghz 2.99 Ghz 1 gig of ram.

I can only think of trying to listen to an electronic dance radio station from England or france then Germany on real player. It wouldn't come in and it kind of tried to load and couldn't then this ad clip would play.

The past couple of nights Ive done some Utube exploring and downloaded some leg videos. A couple of months ago I bought the original collapse game from them. It has been crashing quite regularly. It seems to be getting worse. I have spybot, panda, hijack this, something from secunia pc pitstop. combo fix. from the last time something happened.

I have my updates scheduled so they install at night from Microsoft. and also have Norton 360. 3.0

Ok what a weird deal. If you look in the win 32 system file on those dates some files were modified and maybe are missing. all of a sudden some are blue

Everything is there except the shortcuts. although win doctor found 168 problems I think because of the change of lettering. It appeared so.

will system restore work?

Ok thanks,
jimmy c
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In my opinion, we need to make sure you are not infected with a virus before we can help you further.

Follow all the instructions:

If our trained experts verify that your PC is clean - please post back in this thread and we can help diagnose this problem further.


Hi, Thanks for answering so fast. You know a funny thing happened. My I phone is on the fritz too. It won't make a call or receive one. I was charging it with an outlet not the PC. The other thing is a light in one of my lamps went too. I live in the power surge capital of the world. Is it possible there was a surge? I know probably not just trying to tell you everything. Ok I'll do what you say here right now.

PEACE jimmy c
Anything is possible. Although, I don't believe a power surge can cause this kind of issue. Let me know the results from our experts.

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