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External access of a seperate address!

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***Using example IP addresses***

Hey, Im Gary and i have a problem i hope you can help me with!

What it is, is i have a home network controlled by a Server 2003 machine with IIS 6.0 and i have a website on that i can access... etc!

But im wondering if i can do this:

On this site i have a link for security and id like to access my IP webcam from that link,
if i have the IP cam set as the default location for incoming traffic then it works, but obviously i want IIS 6 to receive the traffic and show my website,

But can i get that link to link to the webcam?

so i use (address) to access my website, held on a server with a local IP of and the IP cam is on,
is there a location i can use to access this through the website?

Sorry if the description is vague, but ill happily answer any questions!
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It sounds like you want to hit your web page.

Then you want your web page to have a security page linking to the camera. is this a digimerge camera?

from your local machines can you get to the camera in IE using the private address?
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