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all my games work fine for the first 1.5 hours or so and then they freeze and i dont mean freeze as in freeze and come back i mean freeze and stay frozen... So i restart and reboot the game and this time after about ten minutes it freezes. So im thinking that its getting too hot, so i strap a fan to my graphics card and a fan the size of my head (well, almost) as a cooling unit, these helped, i might get 2 hours and then twenty minutes...

Vista Home Premium
2gb RAM
Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS
pentium 4 processor or a dual core, cant remember

Any help? (and yes i have trawled through the forums)

Pweeease? =P

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Hi Mr.Pan and welcome to TSF :wave:

It has come to my attention that you might have a heat or voltage issue with your computer. We can not assume that it is one of these so we will go ahead and check. I would like you to download and install the program Speedfan. When you are done installing Speedfan open and look for 3 columns. One should have temperatures, the other should have voltages, and the last one should contain your fan speeds. When you have found this information please post to me in a column such as this: (Example)


Temp1: 30 C
Temp2: 60 C
HD0: 44 C

Voltages (only for desktops)

5.5V: 5.5
3.33V: 3.24

Fan Speeds

Fan1: 2480 RPM

(Remember this is just an example, please post your exact information)
If you are running on a Dell Laptop please follow these steps then post your temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds:

  • Open Speedfan
  • Click Configure on the Main Screen
  • Go to the Options Tab
  • Check the: "Enable DELL Support (use this function only on DELL notebooks)" check box
  • Click Ok then Close Speedfan
  • Start Speedfan once again
Then post your temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds.

In your case I want you to follow these steps and post your temperatures and voltages while your computer is idle and I want you to post all of it again when your computer is playing the game. This case seems like you just need to clean the system but we need that information before we start wasting time :smile:
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