Announced last Friday 27th June, the popular software company, Paragon-Software, released their newest special, a free edition of their NTFS for Mac OS X 11.

For the low, low cost of free, users who wish to check out this software will have the ability to exchange user data between their Windows OS and Mac OS.

This works by changing the Mac OS to read and understand the Windows partition coding, NTFS. If you have ever tried to use a flash drive on a Windows PC, then move it to your Mac PC, you will notice that it asks for the device to be reformatted. This is caused by the drive not being readable by the operating system. Well, with the NTFS for Mac, that issue is nonexistent.

This free edition is based on Paragon-Software’s full commercial version, the NTFS for Mac OS X 11 priced at $19.95. It should be noted that the commercial software works on any Mac OS from 10.5+, whilst the free edition is designed for Snow Leopard users.

Unlike other companies who make you pay for outdated software, it’s great to see Paragon-Software provide this for no cost at all. Although I have not personally tested this software, I have used Paragon’s software in the past, and, like their Backup & Restore, I’ve found that the company puts a lot of effort, money, and research into each product.

Check out the free software here !

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