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Excel Printing issue

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Windows XP. Office 2003 Sp3 randomly will not print from excel
Email/word etc print OK. When you print you get the "now printing" dialouge
box, but nothing comes off. No jobs stuck or on error in the print queue.
User has access to networked RICOH copier and a HP M1522. If you print to the
1522 it wont print, then to the RICOH it will, then try again to the M1522 it
will print OK.
This happes for both new sheets and sheets recieved via email
Once you get it printing, and you try and print a sheet thats come via an
outlook attachment, it will stop printing again. This is true either opened
straight from outlook or saved to desktop.
Before the user got his M1522 and you tried straight to the RICOH, that
wouldnt print.
Have tried reinstall excel, office and drivers to no avail.
Weird thing is another PC had the same issue, but an excel reinstall appears
to work.

Any help would be appreciated
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