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I was given this to use by someone to allow me to keep track of my movies and when I have tried to use it I find that it doesn't seem to be complete.

I am not very code savvy so am not sure exactly where the issues might be and was hoping that someone might be willing to have a look at it for me.

It makes use of user forms to input data and also search for data and return the results.
The problem I am having is that when I input data in 3 areas on the user form it is not adding it to the spreadsheet.
I want to make some changes to some of the inputs on the user forms as I want to track different types of data to what this one does.

The problem I am having is that when I use the form and input data for "rating", "year" and "genre" they are not populating to the results.

I am also wondering if anyone might know how I can turn this into an exe file that I can just double click and run from windows desktop instead of having to open excel to run it.


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Hello, vampyr07au.

I hope you will find the following information helpful.

Yes, there is a problem with the design of the forms that is causing them to act differently than expected.

In the Input Details screens, the Year, Genre, and Rating fields are all ListBox controls. ListBox controls normally require the user to actually click on the chosen item in the field to select and highlight the item before the application can process the data. If you click on the up or down arrows, and don't actually click inside the field to highlight it, it won't work.

I believe that using ListBox controls that only show one item at a time, like they do in this application, is not the best way to present this type of data. I think it would be more user-friendly to make the Genre and Rating fields ComboBox controls, like the Actor fields, and make the Year field an ordinary TextBox.
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Ah Excellent .... Now I see ... thank you very much for that ..... I had no idea that the list box controls needed to be highlighted ... I have just tried using it again and highlighting those entries as I input them and it all works fine for me now too ....
However I will look at changing them to combo boxes as you have suggested.
This is one of those things that I never really got around to changing since I created that database (it was a few years ago...). I now use comboboxes in these situations, since as David M58 pointed out, you actually need to select an item in a Listbox to have the input captured.

Glad you got it fixed though.
Yeah I got that sorted .... now I just need to figure out how to do everything else I want lol.

What's the code that will keep the lists sorted in alphabetical order at all times and where should I put it ?

Is there a way to make the view all button display all the movies in the excel spreadsheet form rather than in a user form?

I would like to be able to actually have a database that can be used by other people in my family so we can all see what movies each of us have as we all like to borrow movies from one another. The way I thought to do this is to add checkboxes in the input forms that would be checked when a movie is entered and would then generate a select of some form in a column in the spreadsheet. ie: checkboxes that have: "mom", "brother" "uncle" etc and a column for each of these people in the spreadsheet that when the checkbox is selected on the input form it places a yes in the corresponding colummn .....

Is there a way to make this database as an exe file so it runs as dbl click from desktop?

My other concern is that when we all swap databases between ourselves if they are named the same thing then they will overwrite when i download "brothers database" from my emails and while I get all his new movies I will lose any of mine that have been added in recent times. Is there some way that we can have something that can be run that will check data between spreadsheets and add new entries to each so that they are updated?
ie: have "my database" and then "brothers database" is emailed to me and I can compare them both and make them the same.

Hope all this makes sense.
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