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Excel 2007 Splitting up Cell-data *URGUENT*

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I would really apprecite help as I am working on something urguent.

I have data (about 1,000 cells) in Column B that needs to be split up between column B, C & D.

In Column B I have Adresses + Area codes + Countryname. I need it split up so that Adress stays in Column B and Area codes moves to C and country moves to D.

However, the country is the same for every single line so that might aswell be removed and I can add it easily to Column D.

Here are 3 rows as example:

Column B:
Ahornsvinget 17 Nr. Felding 7500 Holsterbro Danmark
Column B:
Hedevej 39 Bøgballe 7171 Uldum Danmark
Column B:
Ålborgvej 707 9320 Hjallerup Danmark

And this is how I need them split up:

Column B:
Ahornsvinget 17 Nr. Felding Column C: 7500 Holsterbro Column D: Danmark

Column B: Hedevej 39 Bøgballe Column C: 7171 Uldum Column D: Danmark

Column B:
Ålborgvej 707 Column C: 9320 Hjallerup Column D: Danmark

The areacode is always 4 digits and the country is always the same.

Thank you very, very much for any help! :rolleyes:
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Also, if you cannot help me the way I described perhaps you know how to remove the word "Danmark" from Column C completely?

Right now I am cutting everything from the area code and forward out from Column B and pasting it in Column C. Thus I want to get rid of the word "Danmark" from that column so that I afterwards easily can add it to every cell of Column D.

Thank you!
It sounds to me that you need a macro... I think someone with more experience with Excel should help with this though.

One thought though...

If you want to remove Danmark, you can just use replace all and replace Danmark with nothing.

(I am looking at 2010 here, so 2007 might be slightly different, but not by much).
> - CTRL+F, click on the Replace tab, type in Danmark in the "find" part, and in the replace, leave blank.
> - Click the Replace All button.
Thank you for your help with that Danmark problem!

I am currently going at manually cut-pasting the whole ending of Column B to Column C so with your help I will probably be done in time! (..and most likely before someone has time to post a smarter more time-effecient solution anyways :D)

Thank you very much indeed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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