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Hello, and thanks for taking the time.

System Setup:
Intel Q6600 Quad 2.5ghz
MSI P45 Platinum Mobo
Bigwater 760is (stupid I know) Liquid Cooling System
Nvidia GTX 260
Corsair 750Watt PSU
8GB (4x2GB) Corsair DDR2 Ram
Acer 22" H213H monitor connected via HDMI

All the drivers are up to date.

The computer sometimes feels like sending signal to the monitor, sometimes it doesnt, This problem usually arises whenever I reboot the computer and will go away after a while. But this time it just wont send the signal and it's been quite a while.

Things i've already tried:

CMOS Reset
GPU PCI Slot Switch
Switching Monitors
Switching output signals (tried all 3 HDMI, DVI and VGA)
Moving around RAM sticks from one slot to another
Added the Power converters that came with the GTX260 instead of direct PCI express cables since the manual said those were better.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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