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evga 8800 gt sc black screen

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i have a evga 8800 gt sc edition and a week ago my coolermaster 500watt psu went out. so i ordered a sigma monster 850 watt psu and installed it yesterday. now when i boot i get a black screen andmyomp is alot louder than it used to be. so i put in a old 8600 gt from my friend and it works i then can see bootup screen ect.

Did my psu failure cause a surge to my 8800gt and now it doesnt work? Or is it my new Psu?

thanks for all your help
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Quality PSU's usually go by themselves without taking any other hardware with them but it can happen. I've never heard of "sigma monster 850 watt psu" but it doesn't sound like a quality unit. Can you test the 8800GT in another PC to determine if it faulty?
I agree, sounds like you purchased a bum no-name power supply. See if you can return it and get one of these brand names:

Seasonic – Any Model
Corsair – Any Model
PC Power & Cooling – Any Model
Thermaltake – “Toughpower” Series Only
Coolermaster – “Real Power Pro” Series Only
thanks for the replies my graphics card is shot....:upset:

i bought that psu due to it's reviews on newegg.....

here take a look...
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