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Every hour I get a failed installation attempt seemingly from "aria"?

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This is the log entry....

"2023-05-14 18:40:52.286|00014420|
C:\build\aria-cpp-v1\clienttelemetry\src\LogManagerImpl.cpp(626): class Microsoft::Applications::Telemetry::ILogger *__thiscall Microsoft::Applications::Telemetry::LogManagerImpl::Initialize(const class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> > &,const struct Microsoft::Applications::Telemetry::LogConfiguration &) WARNING: Invalid in-ram queue size (20971520), adjusted to max ram queue size"

This started a couple of days ago :(

Googling this I see it's some kind of downloading program!? Needless to say I didn't attempt to download it at any time so it has been initiated by some application I am using :(

Should I be worried? Should I try and stop it? Can I stop it?
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Above are a couple of the failed messages....

Makes me wonder - if it is legit why does it fail? If not legit - thanks heavens it fails :)

Thoughts? :oops::eek::rolleyes:馃ゴ馃檹
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Go to App and Features and look for any apps that may be a Downloader program you don't use and uninstall it.
What Browser are you using? Go to the Browsers settings to Extensions and see if there is a Downloader app there, if so, Remove or Disable it.
Browse to that path in the error message (ie) C:\Users\Louis\AppData\Local\Temp and manually Delete the file utt.A659.tmp Being a Temp file, it should not affect your computer.
Thanks for your response 馃檹

I went to Apps & Features and can see nothing like "aria" in there nor anything that looked like a download process :(

I use Firefox AND Opera simultaneously and checked both their extensions loaded and again I can't see anything there :(

There were hourly utt.****.tmp files and a logfile and I always delete them all but they re-appear hourly always with different filenames :(
( In fact, I made a System Image and deleted ALL deleteable files in the Temp folder :) )

Is it possible this is something malicious or just a benign helper App spawned by some other App?

Again, Thanks :)
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The next step would be to search for the file in the Registry and delete it from there.
Go to Start/Search and type Regedit and press Enter.
Backup Your Registry and or have a current image file of your computer saved on another drive.
In the Registry, go up to Toolbar to Edit/Find/Find What type utt.A659.tmp and choose Find Next.
The Registry will search, when it stops on an item, 1. press the Del key to delete the item, 2. press Enter to confirm the deletion and 3. press F3 to continue searching.
Do these last 3 steps until you get the message, Finished Searching the Registry, Restart and you shouldn't see it again.
Sorry, searched for half a dozen different filenames (in the registry) and couldn't find any :(

Also searched for "aria" and found LOTS.... Anything with "variable" or "variant" :(

Searched just for "utt" found things like "button" etc etc :(

Thanks for the suggestion :)
Run: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset Then Run: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe
Okay.... Run them both and got this message....

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Now to wait 56 minutes to see if the error occurs again?????


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If this happens regularly on schedule (ie) every 56 minutes, check in the Task Scheduler to see if some app is scheduled to run that has been removed from the system.
Thank you for your continuing help 馃檹 (y)

The process runs at HH:51 on every hour. I've looked in the Task Scheduler and there is nothing (that I can see) that looks like doing this???? I can't see anything that looks like "aria" and I don't know what else to look for :(
It seems strange that nobody else is seeing this happen to them???? I can't imagine I'm the only one this is happening to? :oops::unsure:馃憥

Thanks again :)
Okay, Problem solved......
On advice from another member I uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled the latest version and the problem has gone away :) There were a few messages on the subject in another section :)
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