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ESD and Glib Missing

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I am trying to install a new program onto my computer but I am getting error messages on says ESD-Config could not be found,and the other says glib-config could not be found. When I try installing RPMs of thoose file it says its already installed. What should I do?
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Are you installing a program from source or RPM? What OS are you using? Mandrake/Redhat/Caldera? What program are you trying to install?

Chances are you might just need to pass a couple parameters to the rpm installation program to tell the new software where ESD-config and glib live, sometimes you need to do this with sources distro's if configure doesn't auto-detect their existence. let us know and we'll try and help you.

I am using Mandrake 8.2, and the the progie is source. I also need to know how to run/install *.bin files I trey running them and I get a permission denied statement. even in root. I'm a linux newbie so any insight would be appreated
K if its a source file. Then you need to find out where ESD and glib live. You can do this a couple of ways.

which esd and which glib


locate glib
locate esd

Locate relies on a snapshot of your OS, which means its not always accurate. You can update it and make it current by running the "updatedb" command, no quotes of course.

Once you've found where they're located, you can do a ./configure --help

which will give you the pertinent flags built into the program that will let you know how to define where a required library lives. :)

Now as far as .bin files go.

As root you'll want to type the following at a prompt.

chmod 755 programName.bin

then you can execute the file by running


thats a dot slash :) If you need more help let us know :D and by "us" I mean the forum not my alternate personality heh :brush:
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