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I received one change request. The change request is about some label changes in Infopath form.
The InfoPath form is created by using Infopath 2007 and also published on MOSS 2007.
The change request is given by one Business user and he is not aware of where are the orignial Infopath form kept?
So I decided to get InfoPath template from Form Library on the production site itself.
After getting the template I made the required changes into it and then tried to publish back on same site.
While Publishing I getting error. The error says that:
" Infopath can not find or can not access the following webserver: Make sure that WebServername is Valid, that your proxy settings are correct, and you have necessary permission to Publish to this library. If Server require to log on through browser, log on there and select the option to remember your log on information, then try to publish again"."
I am having Full control on that site. Also I am able to access throgh browser.
I checked all possible ways but still not able to Publsih the Infopath Form Template. Please Help.
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