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error message during system recovery

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i'm full of viruses despite having good spyware ( long story as to how the viruses got me- let's just say i might have accidentally turned it off for a few minutes)- but since i can't find a solution and don't really have too much important stuff i decided to do a system recovery from the hard drive (as e-machines doesn't provide physical disks anymore). when i try to recover an error message comes up and won't allow recovery to perform. the error message is as follows:
0 4194304 C:\minint\system32\res256\banner.bmp

does that mean anything to anyone???? please help. thanx
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Welcome to TSF:

I have learned the hard way the only real dependable way to erase viruses is by using a drive eraser prog download the floppy version

you will however need to purchase a "retail" version of Win XP and make sure it comes with a COA (certificate of authenticity !!) about $70.00 on ebay.

With virus problems you will need to do a "clean" install and recovery disks cant accomplish the clean install process


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thanx so much. any cheaper solutions?
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