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Error message at shutdown

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I have Windows XP Home Edition and I keep getting an error message when I shut down the computer. It goes quickly so I haven't been able to copy the exact numbers down yet but it says something like 'The instruction at (bunch of numbers X more numbers) could not be read, then says click ok to terminate the program. If I don't click ok it still shuts down automatically. Does anyone know what this is and how I could fix it?

Another question. I was forwarded an email and when I opened it there was a song playing and also a recorded voice message from a friend. How can I do this? It came to my Outlook Express but I would like to use hotmail.

Thanks for any help.
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try shutting down all running programs, including those in the task bar and see if you get that error message.

As for the song, they created a e-mail with html in it. Give me a bit and I'll see if I can find the code.
Ok, the easiest way to do this will be with outlook express. you would click on format - background - sound when writing a new message. I don't use hotmail, so I don't know how you can do it in there.
Ok I will try that now on the error messages and post back if I still get it or not but if I don't get the error this time will I have to shutdown all programs manually each time I do turn the computer off?

and thanks on the info to insert a song. I tried it and it works! :D
Well, I shut down all programs first and still got the error message. I did see this time it is called Application Error. If this error isn't something major I can live with it, it's just bothersome.

One more question. How do I make a back up disk for the computer incase something goes wrong?
I wasn't able to find anything specific to your error message, however from what I can find it appears to be a game running in the background? (doesn't sound right but thats what google comes up with) ... DDC showed hits for a development kit for Win2k/NT/XP.. so I'm wondering if you're running an app, then closing it and some portition of it isn't playing nice and not shutting down.. just a thought :)
I found DCC was refering to direct cable connection. Something is telling me it is about a sound blaster card though. Could be wrong, been so before.
I checked what was running in the background last night and all it said was OutlookExpress and HP Center Agent. Could the HP Agent be the cause of this? I also downloaded Spybot and ran it and that didn't help. I am still getting the error message. Can something be running in the backgroud and not show up when you press ctrl-alt-delete? If so, how can I check that, and how do I check the sound card?

Do you know how to get into device manager? If so it should tell you there under the sound properties. If not, I will walk you through it, ok?
I don't, sorry. This is a new computer and I have not had XP before but I have found under the control panel the 'sounds and audio devices' area. Is this what you are talking about? Can you please walk me through the test to check it?

Also on a different note while looking for the device manager I went to 'speech' and there is something called Microsoft Sam and it will read what you write in a voice. That's way cool. :D How do you use this?? I could only have it read the sample, but no instructions on how you write something and have it read it back to you. And can I use this in reverse somehow, meaning, can I use the microphone and have it type what I say or is that just not possible? My questions are silly aren't they. :D ahh gotta learn somehow. :rolleyes:
You know what she's on XP and your on XP why don't you just remote her system and see for yourself?
techiechick said:
You know what she's on XP and your on XP why don't you just remote her system and see for yourself?
Hmm... Your avatar shows XP too, let us know how you make out. :D
I fried my XP system ROFL! I fried the chip hehe!! WOOOHOOO!
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